There’s a New Hen Do in Town

Pictures from May London Hen Event

Pictures from May London Hen Event

“Once you’re married, things will change, you’ll have different priorities”, says Auntie Jane wisely whilst sipping a Margarita, ignorant to the fact that what she's saying is total rubbish. It’s a funny idea when you think about it, taking a bride-to-be out for one final night of freedom with all her girlfriends, almost as if she’ll never be able to have fun again once those church bells ring. 

Of course, there is life after marriage, but alas, given that it’s socially unacceptable to tie the knot without a hen party, you’re left with no choice, you’ve got to throw one. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you do it right. 

Now, the inevitable anxiety and fear that will permeate any bride-to-be pre-Hen Do is due to the myriad of catastrophic parties that went disastrously wrong. Calamities such as:

  1. Happy Hours in dingy bars: too many jägerbombs, too many explosive tempers, too many tears; it’s a fatal combo.
  2. The Shabby Local Spa:  smelly saunas, murky jacuzzis, sweaty steam rooms:
  3. Hen Do Dares with adulterous consequences: snogging a barman probably isn’t the ideal start to a marriage. 

Not three situations you want to find yourself in and ones that primarily stem from two things: excessive alcohol and the inherent, hidden pressure on the bride-to-be’s shoulders for everyone to have a great time. 

Well, we can help. We’ll relieve you of that pressure, let us take the weight of responsibility and organise everything for you. We’ll keep you occupied with irresistibly fun and silly challenges before treating you to a hilarious recap of the day, all to help truly celebrate why you’re all there in the first place. 

Remember why you’re there? Because you’re all best, best mates. And, the idea of a Hen Do is to celebrate one of your best girlfriend’s romantic success whilst enjoying each other’s company and having a phenomenally fun day-out. We’ll tailor the day to the Hen, we’ll make you laugh, grin, leap (literally) for joy, whizz around London and provide you with hilarious, wholesome, and memorable fun that you’ll talk about for years to come. 

The Scavenger Hunt will offer you a Hen like no other. What’s more, our photos from the day will tell a far better story than blurry iPhone shots from a nightclub. If you don’t believe us, check out a few snaps here, and, once you’re convinced, click here to book yourself in. 

You won’t regret it, these ladies certainly didn’t:

‘So personal and so much fun - it made some very special/hilarious memories' (Sophie, 26 - Cambridge)

'So many of the girls said it was one of the best hen activities they had done - will definitely be recommending’ (Laura, 29 - London)