The Alternative Way to See London

Check out more snaps below...

Check out more snaps below...

London’s a big city, in fact, it’s massive. So, as a tourist, “seeing the sights” is far easier said than done. It’s one of the most cultured and metropolitan cities in the world, but being a tourist here is a tough ask. You’ll find yourself traipsing around, getting lost on the tube, squeezing into an overcrowded bus, before finally arriving at Big Ben, too exhausted to enjoy it.

As a local, you get lazy. Visiting Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge is always bottom of the to-do list and so the sights are never seen. Despite living in London, you never make the most of its rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. Why? Because it’s a faff, it’s stressful, and simply not that enjoyable to join the hoards to catch a glimpse of a Beefeater. 

So, the eternal paradox, the ongoing question: how to see the sights in a fun, hassle-free way. That, my friends, is where we come in. With The Scavenger Hunt, you’ll get to see the sights (big and small) and won’t even realise you’re doing it. Discover hidden places you never knew existed, little pubs, nooks and crannies, before stumbling across the London Eye in all its glory. 

No more huddling under an umbrella trudging behind a 90-year-old, disinterested tour guide, those days are long-gone. Instead, join your mates, or alternatively make new ones, and scuttle around London taking silly photos, completing hilarious challenges, and see the city from a new perspective. 

Stereotypical St. Paul’s selfies have had their day. Let’s start building Tate Gallery human pyramids and hanging upside down in front of the Shard. These are the memories you’ll remember, the ones that you’ll never forget (the photographic proof is below).

It’s a fresh way to see the Big Smoke: discover the undiscovered and tick those boxes you thought you’d never tick. Plus, do all this whilst you’re having an absolute ball. It really is a no-brainer. Get involved by booking your place here and check out some snaps of our previous (immensely happy) attendees. 

What are you waiting for? London’s alternative tour guide awaits.