The Importance of Bringing Out Your Inner Child!

“Being childish” almost always has negative connotations. “Stop behaving like a child”, “Grow up”, “Act your own age” are all variations of this baffling form of insult. Baffling because behaving like a child is often a sure-fire way to have loads of fun, so why treat it with contempt? 

You’ll often be scorned with the “childish” label when doing the following things:

- Telling an unsuitable joke

- Playing an immature prank

- Winding someone up with foolish remarks 

- Laughing inappropriately 

- General silliness

Imagine a world without all this, a world without silliness, a world without stupid jokes, a world without buffoonery: it would be excruciatingly boring. Well, here at Big Smoke Events, we are of the collective opinion that “being c!hildish” should, under no circumstances, stop happening. Whether you’re nineteen or ninety, behaving like a child is vital to having fun, it’s the crux of having a good time. Think about it for a second, children are quite simply awesome: they’re bursting to the brim with laughter, they’re spontaneous, giggly, abundantly energetic, carefree, easy-going, silly, the list goes on and on. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Now, we aren’t saying you should be silly and childish all of the time, in fact, this can be a disaster: cracking a juvenile joke in a business presentation probably wouldn’t be too clever, nor would replacing sugar with salt in your CEO’s tea. However, it’s crucial that you release your inner childishness now and again.  

We can provide you with this opportunity. Let us present our innovative, ingenious day-out:
The Scavenger Hunt, which, most importantly, gives you a chance to be a kid again.  

Running around London, cramming yourselves into nooks and crannies, photographing yourselves doing the weirdest and most wonderful things: now THAT is what having fun is all about. It’s about releasing your inhibitions, letting your hair down, laughing until your stomach hurts, giggling until you can’t breathe. Healthy, unadulterated fun. 

Whether you’re the Prime Minister, the Queen, or the milk monitor, everyone needs to have a good time, especially in the high-octane, stressful world we live in, so get your dose and book yourselves in today by clicking here. And, for proof of just how fun it is, check out some photos here or a few testimonies from some of our lucky attendees below. 

We implore you: stop being an adult, BE CHILDISH, even if just for a day.