It’s started hasn’t it? The children are off for October Half Term and they’re already whining “I’m bored!!” Having exhausted everything on their list of things to do and scrolling on their iphones, ipods and ipads has finally become dull (who’d have thought it??!), they – and you -are desperate for something different to do, something other than heading to the Hawk Conservancy with Grandma - again.

However, we realise how hard it is to find something ‘new’ where teenagers won’t moan “I can’t be bothered”, “it’s boring” or “you’ve got to be kidding”!  But help is at hand! We of course think we have the ultimate solution; it’s simple - a scavenger hunt. What’s not to love? Everyone can join in and what makes us different from the crowd is that we will tailor the hunt to suit you, your family and friends (and Grandma!), including challenges that are hard not to laugh at and enjoy. We absolutely guarantee a fun packed day and if your children are a little embarrassed by what they’re tasked to do, its all just character and confidence building (and it gives you the opportunity to get your own back on those teenagers for once!) They’ll certainly treasure the moments for years to come…especially when it’s all been caught on camera!

So, come on, do something out of the box this half term, forget the theme park, the museum, even my mum’s favourite the good o’l Hawk Conservancy – get in touch, find out more and book yourself a good fun time!