Picture this. I’m leaving to go to a Halloween party in 10 minutes and I still didn’t have a costume! Everyone was ready to go as either a witch, devil or a cat (who would have thought they were scary!), and I had nothing! Now with 5 minutes to go I decided a ghost would have to do and I threw a white bed sheet over my head and off I went. It was the best idea I’ve ever had, and I realised just how much I love Halloween.  Although we may have grown out of trick and treating, and it might not be acceptable to ask our neighbours for free sweets anymore (heartbreakingly). Halloween is still just as fun and we at The Big Smoke Events never miss out on a fun opportunity. So, grab your brooms, devil horns, cat ears and bed sheets and get involved in one of our spooky scavenger hunts. We don’t disappoint and promise to give you a Halloween to remember, as you hunt across London to complete the dare devilling tasks that await you this Halloween!

Don’t worry our scavenger hunts won’t give you nightmares but they will provide you a fun alternative to any Halloween celebration you may have done before. So, if you feel like it is for you enquire now and find out our availability.

Happy Halloween!