No one can beat the friends you made when you were younger. Whether they are friends from school, college, university or your first job, nothing can quite top those friendships.  They probably have seen you through everything and quite literally carried you through your highs and lows. But as time goes on and life begins to happen it gets harder and harder to arrange a night out with the ‘team’. You don’t want to be spending your weekends on your own so its time to head out and meet some new people!

I know, I know it can be daunting and sometimes you just don’t want to meet anyone new. But you may have become too comfortable in your bubble, and I’m afraid I am about to burst it by giving you some huge benefits to why making new friends is a good thing!

Meeting new people is actually really important! You can’t go a day without interacting with someone, unless you live in a cave, but I have a feeling you don’t if you are reading this. Things become a lot easier to accomplish if you have others around to help you, they offer new ideas and new opportunities that could open up so many doors for you, you just don’t know it yet. It’s also exciting getting to know someone else, hearing their stories and adventures, opens up your world and exposes you to something that was unheard to you before. New friends can push you out of your comfort zone and give you that extra nudge you need to take that trip you’ve always wanted too. Who knows this time next year you could be summiting Everest with your new pal!

People often say a friend is just a stranger you haven’t met yet. So why not branch out and meet all these new possibilities. Not sure where to start? Why not experience one of our scavenger hunts that happen every Saturday at the Coffee Club in Soho. It’s a great starting point to meet likeminded people and generally just have a bit of fun! 

For more information click here. We look forward to meeting you!