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I must say we are extremely proud of our reviews, with over 90 of them on both Trip Advisor and Google we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write one! We are SO pleased that you enjoyed your Big Smoke event and very happy that some of you have booked multiple times. We certainly are not just a one hit wonder that’s for sure!

Leaving us a review really does make a massive difference to our company. I mean think about it, how many times do you check the reviews before you book? It’s become part of the procedure to read as many as possible before placing a deposit. We often forget to leave reviews when we have a brilliant time and we usually only write one when we experience something awful. So, with ALL our reviews being left a 5-star rating and coming 56th out of 477 on Trip Advisor’s ‘Fun & Games in London’ we are over the moon! And it shows just how much fun and what great quality our events really are.

With such kind words being left on our Trip Advisor and Google pages, it makes all the hard work and effort that we put into each scavenger hunt truly worth it. And we do love reading them so keep them coming.

So, if you have experienced one of our epic scavenger hunts and want to tell everyone about it. Then please do either on Trip Advisor or Google – we are so grateful and appreciate every single one. THANK YOU!