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Welcome to February. The month of Valentine’s Day, which can either be something you are looking forward to or absolutely dreading! If you are in a couple or single you are still presented with the same question, what am I going to do on Valentine’s Day?

Let me present the problems from both sides.

First up, couples.

So, you are in a relationship and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You want to celebrate it but haven’t planned to do anything. It’s too late to book that fancy restaurant in town and you don’t really fancy the ‘classic date’ which you could do any day of the week. It’s the year to do something different, but you are still stuck as to what?

Next problem, being single on Valentine’s.

Being on your own on Valentine’s Day simple sucks! You see everyone happy and in love and you don’t have anyone to share the day with. You can’t sit in again eating ice cream with your other single friends, but then you don’t fancy going out and being surrounded by couples who are all loved up. So again, the question is raised what else can you do?

Well as you might have guessed The Big Smoke Events have the perfect solution for both problems this Valentine’s. It’s time to book yourself onto a scavenger hunt! It’s a great way to laugh through the day with your friends, forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day. As for you couples out there it’s something completely different and super fun. You will have great photos to remind you of the day and if you decide to team up with other partners you can create a competitive race against the clock. What more could you want this Valentine’s?

Click here to find out more information. We promise we can make this Valentine’s Day something special!