When it comes to solving cryptic clues, I have no hope. I am useless at trying to solve sudoku’s or the rubric’s cube it blows my mind how some people can complete them so quickly. You may be one of them, but if you are like me it will take a lot of practise to become the cryptic clue master. So, I need to start off on an easier level because you may have heard that games like these and solving cryptic clues, help to keep your brain active and can actually help delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, protecting your brain from decline.

So, with such positive results from solving cryptic clues it’s a great idea, from time to time, to not let your brain completely switch off. They allow you to test yourself but in a fun and different way than you normally would do, and they certainly help pass the time. In fact, I have heard puzzles like these can be quite relaxing and satisfying, so defiantly worth a try. This is something we at the Big Smoke Events have recognised, so we include a couple of cryptic clues in every scavenger hunt. We understand how beneficial it can be for your brain, and you never know solving our clues might be the start to your brain teaser success! It could all start with a Big Smoke scavenger hunt, you will be thanking us later when your brain is still fit and healthy in your 90s!

Even if you don’t start with one of our scavenger hunts, any puzzle, riddle or cryptic clue will keep your brain healthy and active. So, next time you are catching a train or waiting for a bus, instead of binge watching that TV series on Netflix, why not finish that sudoku puzzle you promised yourself you would do.

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