It’s back on our screens and as addictive as ever. With 11 candidates still remaining we can’t wait to see what happens next, well, I can’t wait to witness the next argument between Kurran Pooni and another team player. Will it be his time to go this week?

Every year when the apprentice comes around I find myself thinking ‘I would like to give this a go’, and although I may crumble at the first hurdle, as I am not one for confrontation, I still think it would be fun to see how far I got. Wouldn’t it be fun to compete against others, race across town to complete the challenge, try to work as a team, which always seems impossible for some people on the show, and testing every candidate’s aptitude. Well, hang on a minute, this all sounds very familiar, it sounds like the Big Smoke Events Scavenger Hunts! I mean we may not have Lord Sugar at the other end of the table, threatening to fire you, but we do allow you to escape the boardroom and head outside. We encourage your competitiveness, your speed to complete all 30 challenges and your natural ability to work within a team.  We all know our favourite episode is where the teams run around the city like headless chickens look for the best bargain for a list of unknown items. Finding a kilo of cane sugar, bargaining for a fish, and other such items, which are not too dissimilar to some of our bucket list challenges. Your chance to experience the apprentice can finally happen (kind of). Oh, and it gets better we offer a fantastic prize, something that you can wear proudly around the office, simply reminding everyone that YOU are the WINNERS!

Although the rest of the UK may not see your fantastic skills your colleagues defiantly will. With a memorable award ceremony that you can keep forever, your day will be remembered as if you were on TV. Let us make your apprentice fantasy become reality and book one of our scavenger hunts today!  

We hope you enjoy tonight’s show, but will your favourite be fired this time?