Ok, we know exercise is important and how much it benefits our health. We have probably even seen the results for ourselves. So, we are not here to tell you to exercise, to only eat things green and never touch a glass of alcohol again, because where is the fun in that? 

 However, we did think it might be useful to give you a little insight into why just keeping simply active at work is SO important and often completely over looked. I mean let’s face it, if you’ve already been to an exercise class that morning and you’re going to one tomorrow. You exercise more than others so, why would you need to be active when you hit the office?  I never thought about it. I thought as long as I’m walking into work I’m good. Think again! Whilst high intensity training is brilliant for your health and you should still include it, you still need to keep up any activity you can whilst at work. One hour of exercise is not going to counteract 8 hours of sitting.

Keeping active, even if it is just small movements or taking a walk during your lunch break can MASSIVELY improve things like;

·      Health

·      Concentration

·      Productivity

Think about it, how much better do you feel after your break? Our bodies are not meant to sit in an upright position for 8 hours or more a day (quite likely more, as your mate sitting next to you always has something to catch you up on). And we often move from our desks, to the car, to the dinner table, to the sofa! We need to make time to take a small break to leave our desks and get moving!

The health hazards of being inactive during the day are overwhelming and whilst we don’t want to scare you, it is important to be aware that it can lead to problems such as;

·      Diabetes

·      Digestion problems

·      Rise in stress levels

·      Increased chance of cancer

It’s crazy that sitting down for too long can cause all of this and more.  So why not take that new standing up desk no one wanted or try sitting on an exercise ball (sounds like fun to me) or change your meetings to walking ones. These small things can make a massive difference. And if you fancy changing all your social events to active ones too, getting away from the bar, you can enquire about our scavenger hunts that will do just the trick.