We can’t quite believe it is coming to an end. It always comes around so fast! 2018 has been a HUGE year for us with nearly 200 bookings, new employees, tons of 5* reviews and one of our challenge outtakes featured on Lad Bible and across the media, even making a story in the Daily Mail - thats when we knew we had really made it! We couldn’t be happier with our scavenger hunting success. The Big Smoke Events just might call this their biggest year yet, and we couldn’t have done it without you so first and foremost THANK YOU! 

As the year draws to an end we thought we would gift you all with our top 5 favourite and most hilarious challenges from the year. We have seen so many brilliant takes on our challenges and would LOVE to include them all. But we have to say these ones will be the most memorable from 2018, so congratulations if you made the cut! 

Coming in at number 5 was the charity event we ran for Montagu Evans. They dressed as mannequins and jumped for joy in their scavenger hunt, but that’s not the best part. This was a huge success for their chosen charity Habitat for Humanity. We love to help out whenever we can, donating 20% of the events profit to the companies selected charity. So being chosen to host this charity event for Montagu Evans has to go down as one of the best moment in 2018. 

N A T U R E (1).png

In fourth place is this priceless awkward family photo including a someone extra. One of our Big Smoke members Harry. We think he mastered the pose, don’t you? 

Take Your Dogto Work Day! (2).png

Now this one was tricky. We see so many fantastic photos fill the caption ‘I can’t believe we all fit in here’ and they always get everyone laughing. So we know this might be cheating but we had to put the challenge in third position for 2018! Well done to everyone who used their creativity and squeezed into all the tight spaces across London. 

Can't believe we fit 2018.png

In second place and it was pretty close, was this fantastic video and photo from the London Gay Mens Choir. They speak for themselves and having a 87 year old participant is amazing! Who can say they have done that? This had to make the list of 2018!

LGMC - 87 yrs.jpeg

However, the winner of the most hilarious and most views challenge we have ever had at The Big Smoke Events, has to go to this video of James falling quite literally into the Thames. It still makes us laugh every time we watch it and will be remembered as THE funniest moment of 2018 at The Big Smoke Events.

We hope you have had just as much fun this year as we have, and we wish we could show you more. We look forward to creating new 2019 challenges and seeing what you guys have to offer. BRING IT ON! 

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