London. It is one of the most historical cities in the world and certainly has the landmarks to prove it. Whether you go into central London every day or never stepped foot in the city, you can’t deny the landscape that London has to offer. We have got some pretty impressive sights to see, new and old, that simply take your breath away, and you can’t blame that on the cold! People come from all over the world to see places like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Even when I walk across the Jubilee bridge I am still taken back by the cities hustle and bustle beauty. It’s hard to not act like a tourist in your own city when it looks like that!

So, this got us at the Big Smoke Events thinking… What London landmarks are our favourite? And which ones do we think you can’t miss out on when you are taking part in the new tourist scavenger hunt, (which is a crime not to experience, even if you are a “Londoner”). So, listen up, grab a pen a paper and start scribbling as we tell you our top 5 landmarks, which you must see and what you will see, but in no ordinary way, on our tourist scavenger hunt!

First up is St Paul’s Cathedral. A place not to be missed, with a historical story and impressive architecture you will want to make your way there. But can you un-jumble the letters and solve the puzzle to lead you to this unmissable location?

Our next must see is The Horse Guards Parade. If you can catch them in formation what a day it’s been for you, and whilst you witness what these grounds have to offer, why not tick the next challenge off your list and high five a man in uniform… their certainly will be plenty around.

In third place are the Houses of Parliament. Where all Britain’s decisions are made and whether you agree with Mrs May or not, it is still a brilliant place to explore. Even if you do end up dancing in front of one of the guards to get a score out of 10. (include photo)

What is next you ask? Well its none other than The London Eye. You might not have time to take a ride in one of the pods, (as it moves at a snail’s pace). But you do have time to pretend to swim in front of the Thames and admire the London Eye whilst you do it. (include photo)

Our last but certain not least London landmark is Buckingham Palace. This famous building is on everyone’s bucket list. And if you are a royal fan like me, it’s a chance to try and catch a glimpse of the Queen as you pose for an awkward family photo outside her home! (include photo)

So, there you have it our top 5! Now with that list you are set to explore and ready to book onto one of our tourist scavenger hunts! Why wouldn’t you? You’ll be mad if you missed it!

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