What a festive weekend The Big Smoke and our festive scavengers had as they participated in our second Santa scavenger hunt on Saturday 15th December 2018. Each team raced across Soho to complete as many challenges as possible in just 2 hours. You may be thinking but what about the weather? Well that didn’t stop our festive hunters, in fact some even performed snow angels lying on a bridge! No rain could ever stop them from taking The Big Smoke Christmas trophy.

With many teams taking on the Christmas challenge it was all to play for, and it was getting pretty heated as planning begun. 13:30 strikes and each team bolted out the door, well, all but one as they tactically complete a couple of challenges at the base to avoid the rain and to get a few marks straight away – clever thinking!

We received so many brilliant photos and videos it was looking like it was going to be a close match and bonus points were as crucial as ever. These ones were our favourite photos, which photo is yours?

15th .png

As the 2 hours were quickly coming to an end and each team frantically tried to finish off any challenge’s they may have missed we got ready to mark each team and create an award ceremony that would have them in stitch’s (of laughter of course)!

After the hilarious awards it was time to announce the winners, who would it be? The drum roll started, and everyone watched the screen eagerly… “The winners are Santa’s Little Elfers” a huge round of applause and a few sour faces but you could tell everyone had a great time and a lot of fun acting like a child for the day.

What a way to celebrate the Christmas holiday and a brilliant way to end our scavenger hunts for 2018.

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