The New Treasure Hunt: The New Look to an Old Favourite

Treasure Hunt

We all remember the treasure hunt. It was a birthday party favourite, with your parents hiding things in the garden for you and your friends to find (whilst they enjoyed a few beers in the kitchen! No wonder some things took an absolute age to track down!!).  As teenagers you might have moved on to bike rides with maps and a picnic, ending up at a pub where you hoped you might get served, and as adults, you may even have done the super expensive corporate versions, with hot air balloons and helicopter trips to France. But now in the age of Pokemon Go the faithful treasure hunt has moved on a-pace; people expect much more than to run around the garden in search of a few mouldy old sweets!

And in true 21st century style (and, we’ve got to be honest, thanks in part to the runaway success of the aforementioned game), the treasure hunt has had the ultimate make-over and been transformed into, yes, you’ve guessed it – The Scavenger Hunt! And now this much-loved favourite is bang on trend! Just like Pokemon Go The Scavenger Hunt is guaranteed to get you out, off the sofa, engaged and engrossed.  

Our Hunts are all about personalisation; we make the events just for you. Whether you are organising a hen do, stag party, birthday bash or a work bonding session, we take on board your preferences, favourite things and the personalities of the group to devise a challenge that really ticks all the boxes. But unlike Pokemon Go you are not working on your own with just your iPhone for company as with all the Big Smoke Events it’s all about the fun and laughter of being part of a team.