Why Team Building is the Most Important Investment You Can Make

Team Building Investment

Having a bad back used to be the most common reason why people had a day off work, but today, at the top of the list is stress . More and more of us are finding we need a ‘duvet day’ to escape from excessively high workloads, unrealistic deadlines and the unrelenting pressure to do it all. The problem here is not only that employees are not happy, but these lost days equate to a loss on the bottom line for the boss! 

So, if this is your work-place, what can you do to help? It is time to invest in strategies to boost morale, inspire your work force and build a successful team. People want to have fun at work, and most importantly want to feel valued! Valued employees want to do the best they can for the company, and are ultimately more productive (every employers dream)!

We all know about incentive programs, bonus schemes, corporate away days at luxury hotels or even corporate counselling sessions. But this sounds like a lot of money, hard to organise, and some of these options can even be intimidating, a little awkward and ultimately, the cause of even more stress for some!

But we are here to help with a relatively inexpensive – and fun – solution! We have created the ultimate challenge devised to get everyone up on their feet, engaged and involved, working together to solve some of those work-day stresses while having a good time. So here it is; The Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt! If you want to create something special for your business that brings people together in a relaxed environment. Away from the office or shop floor it gives your crew the chance to develop skills, build new relationships, shine when they might not have done before or just hang out and have a good time.

Stressful, it’s certainly not.  The benefits of unwinding with work colleagues, solving light-hearted problems together while having a few laughs along the way are second to none!

But you don’t just have to take our word for it, here are what others said about their team building day with us. 

“The challenges made sure that we didn't stop laughing all day, had to be creative and work as a team.” – S Livingston

“Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with the team and my ribs were aching from laughing by the time we finished.” – T Young

“The Scavenger Hunt is right up there with one of the best we've done! It gets everyone excited and focussed, bringing people together and having fun.” – O Cordelia

If this stress beating, team building and all round fun day sounds like it might work for you, click here to find out more!