Discovering your City

Discovering your City.png

Most of us know our local environment based upon where we live, our commute to work, or where we socialise, but we often become so familiar and comfortable in our surroundings that we tend not to notice what is right in front of us and the location we call home starts to become a little like wallpaper! Our city can become boring; we’ve seen all the tourist sites, trouped around the same old pubs every weekend, walked the same walks – it can all get a bit repetitive and we often run out of inspiration! Faced with “what shall we do this weekend?” can be one of the most difficult questions to answer! What on earth is there to do that’s fun and different?

In a vain attempt to add some variety we often splash the cash to escape the norm but what you might be looking for could be literally on your doorstep, and it needn’t break the bank!  It’s all about seeing your city in a new light, perhaps even getting lost in the place you thought you knew or discovering places you never would have gone to before, or even knew existed! 

What is this great activity I hear you ask…It’s a Scavenger Hunt! The ultimate way to really get under the skin of the city; to find something new or rediscover an old favourite haunt and seeing things and places in a different light. So, how does this all work?  You choose the location; we set the challenges: ten videos, ten photos and ten items to find. Together with family, friends, work colleagues or perhaps your yoga class, dog walking group or knitting circle. It is for anyone and everyone! But most importantly, it’s a great way to reinvigorate your interest in your city and rediscover the town beneath your feet!

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