When a Challenge Fail Goes Wrong

You may have seen it, you certainly would have laughed at it but yesterday when we hosted a scavenger hunt for Tesco we were not expecting such an epic fail from one of our challenges. When James Moss took on the challenge of “pretending” to swim into the Thames he didn’t realise he would in fact be taking a dip!! Caught perfectly on camera by his team mates, we witness one of the best falls ever at The Big Smoke Events. But this video didn’t stop there, oh no, it has now gone viral, with The Evening StandardThe Sun and the Daily Mail both publishing an article about the hilarious fall, Lad Bible posted it to their Facebook page, which received over 3 million views and the clip has almost reached 81,000 retweets and over 170,000 likes on Twitter!! We can’t quite believe it! It will have you in fits of laughter, well I certainly was. If you want to have this much fun you know where we are.