Sports Day to the Work Place - It All Comes Together in a Scavenger Hunt

Sports Day Blog.png

Now, some of you might be a bit older than me, some of you not, but I remember sports day at primary school as being “all inclusive”. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean unlimited sweets and fizzy drinks all day, it was all about being part of a team.  My headteacher’s slogan was “it’s taking part that counts”; winning the race hardly seemed to matter! 

However, it was all change by the time I got to secondary school with the introduction of the “hybrid” sports day - team work with a competitive edge.  It suddenly became alright to win, in fact we were now actively encouraged to run the fastest, throw the furthest, jump the highest – all for your team’s glory.

And that’s pretty much how life then turns out to be once you hit the working treadmill; you often need to develop a competitive streak whilst being a team player – and to be honest, it’s this skill, fine-tuned in our formative years on the sports field that shines through with our corporate group scavenger hunts – having a healthy, competitive approach not only adds to the fun of the challenges, most often it’s the most competitive teams who really get the best out of the day!

Approaching the scavenger hunt challenges as you would a game of rounder’s, a new client presentation or an on the job training session undoubtedly helps you as an individual build confidence and skill; but just like sports day, it’s taking part that really counts.