Coming Soon To A Screen Near You: The Big Smoke Video


Everything becomes a lot clearer when you see something first hand. You get that “oh yeah” moment when something finally clicks, and you ‘get’ what everyone has been ranting and raving about for the past half an hour. So, the Big Smoke team have been thinking how we can create an “oh yeah” moment when it comes to our events; how we can show you just how good our scavenger hunts are.  It’s all well and good taking our word for it or trusting what your best friend’s mum’s uncle told you about us, but sometimes that isn’t quite enough. We understand you might need just that little bit more to appreciate what you are signing up to and getting involved in – and to get a feel for the fun that the Big Smoke team have every day.

So, watch this space for the upcoming Big Smoke video! It will feature everything, ‘warts n’ all’, from the briefing, the challenges to the final awards ceremony and of course what previous ‘hunters’ thought about their day. We hope it will help you decide if it’s the right activity for you, whether you’re organising a hen party, corporate away-day, birthday party or retirement do, hopefully it will be the event for you!  Prepare yourself for the Big Smoke video coming to a computer screen near you!