Make the Break and get out of the Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Blog.png

So, you’re tasked with organising the birthday party/hen weekend/office summer get-together or Friday night booze-up? We say, DO NOT be tempted by the same-old-same-old; the “safe bet”’ or “the usual”. This is your chance to shine, to make it big in the organising stakes, to get out of the comfort zone, which we all know is good to do once in a while and organise something that is SERIOUSLY GOOD FUN!

If running around your favourite part of London undertaking some crazy challenges against the clock with a bunch of mates (or soon to be best friends), then a Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt could tick all the right boxes for you. 

If brain-teasers and impersonating a mannequin in Top Shop’s window or mental-maths (don’t worry, we do the simple stuff), whilst squeezing as many of you as possible into a phone box sounds like a pleasant change from sitting in the pub garden just hoping the sun stays out long enough to warm your larger,  or popping yet another bottle of prosecco (ok, you can do that too), then make the break and book the hunt!

At £25 per person its original, it bonding and it’s bloomin’ good fun- and it’s not going to break the bank! Click here to book now!