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We have run 40 Hen Do scavenger hunts this summer alone, and with this number under our belt, we like to think we know a little something about what makes a good Hen party and how to put an event together that everyone can enjoy, granny included.  All the brides to be agree that including a scavenger hunt in their day is something just that little bit different, especially with personalised hunts to each bride, making them the centre of attention and photo memories to last a life time who wouldn’t want to join in with this fun!?

Our events bring all the party together, getting old friends meeting the new and creating a day to remember. We know you and your bridal party will love the challenges that await you! In fact, this year we picked our favourite Hen Do challenge, and after much consideration (and many laughs in the office), the winning activity has to pretending to swim in the Thames. All our Hen Do’s created hilarious videos and memories that we hope stay with them forever, (or at least till the wedding day).

So, if you are looking for something a little different, something to get everyone laughing and something to break the ice then you have found your answer. Your Maid of Honour duties need not be stressful as you can book today, and we will help make the day one to remember. Come on, try your hand at swimming the Thames!