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We can all picture it, you are battling the internet searching for the best scavenger hunt out there, but to you they all seem similar! How are you supposed to tell which one is right for you? Or which one is exactly what you are looking for? Well no fear we are here to point you in the right direction and help you see how we are different (and in my opinion better) than our competitors… so listen up!

First things first we PERSONALISE each and every scavenger hunt. That’s right your scavenger hunt will be like nothing before, meaning you could do it again and again as each time it will be different than before! We create the scavenger hunts to fit around you, so, whether you are booking us for a corporate event looking to engage your employees or a hen do or birthday party and wanting to make them the centre of attention we are you match! We make sure you leave the day with a smile on your face and memories to last forever!

We are also very flexible for each event and can change the scavenger hunt in order to suit you. If you want the hunt to be shorter not a problem, if you need to change locations not a problem, or if you wanted to host the event at home or at the office, not a problem! We want to make this the perfect event for you and nothing is too difficult for our Big Smoke Team!

But that is not all, you may have seen some videos and photos from our unique award ceremonies (I’m sure you have giggled at a few, if not check them out here). We present these as soon as you return, and it is something you can keep from the day (as well as the winner’s prizes)! Not only that but you get to see what the rest of your friends, family or colleagues got up to in their teams and laugh along as you see others dancing in front of strangers and getting scored an embarrassing 4 out of 10!

All of these qualities make us different from others, and we try and make it as simple as possible to understand, stepping away from technology and allowing you to interact with others. We have received 100% 5* reviews, in particular stating how great it was not be attached to an iPad! We don’t use your whole day and we encourage each hunt to just be about having fun, no historical or education element (unless you fancy it) it is just about enjoying yourself!

So, that is how we make ourselves different from the others out there. Sound like this is something for you, it’s what you have been looking for the whole time? Then don’t hesitate and inquire about booking today!