Charities. We love them. We NEED them. They are so important in our society; people’s lives depend on the work they do and the contributions we make to keep them going. Sometimes we forget this and forget about the vast difference they make every day. Charities are simply amazing! We at the Big Smoke Events understand this and want to get as involved as possible when it comes to supporting different charities. So, when a client approaches us with an event in aid of a charity we immediately say yes!

This summer we have worked with a number of different charities, but 2 of our favourite have been Deloitte who were supporting Depaul Group, and Montagu Evans who were supporting Habitat for Humanity. Each event went perfectly with constant laughter throughout the day, of course, and everyone supporting such great causes.   But that’s not all, oh no! The Big Smoke want to help in as many ways as we can, and we know just how vital these charities are. So, for each charity event we host we contribute 20% of the event’s profits to the chose charity! 

Every little bit helps’ and we hope our efforts have helped both Depaul Group and Habitat for Humanity in their future projects. Thank you, Deloitte and Montagu Evans for approaching us to create an event in aid of these wonderful charities, and we look forward to our next charity scavenger hunt. 

Next time you are thinking of organising an event in aid of a charity, why not approach the Big Smoke? We promise to provide the best scavenger hunt you’ve ever been on and we promise to support your selected charity! 

Need some more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact Fran and her team to find out more!