It's true, you're never too old to enjoy a scavenger hunt! You may think that running around London, chasing clues and doing silly challenges might be a thing of the past, something best left to the young and daring, but we say "think again" as our hunts once again prove to be just perfect for all! We've recently hosted a couple of retirement parties, groups who were looking for something different to do, something other than a glass of luke-warm wine and a limp sausage roll in the back room of a pub, something a bit more memorable- something that celebrates freedom from work and the daily grind, and says hello to a life of action, new challenges and fun! 

We can tailor-make a hunt to suit you, set around your place of work perhaps or with clues and tasks with a relevant theme-it's all possible - why not get in touch and we can discuss options-and there won't be a sad sausage roll in sight!