Revitalising the Corporate Day-Out

Photos from ADIDAS and BCG Scavenger Hunts.

Photos from ADIDAS and BCG Scavenger Hunts.

Unfortunately, corporate events are synonymous with organised fun. Everyone loves to hate them and, given the form they currently take, for good reason. They’re somewhat reminiscent of Freshers’ Week: awkward conversations, bad jokes, uncomfortable social situations and always thoroughly tedious. Whether it’s an office pub trip under the guise of Thirsty Thursdays, a group outing to the local pizza joint or, and I hope never to suffer this again, sober karaoke at 6pm, it’s painful to even think about how utterly atrocious most corporate events can be. 

Therefore, we are urging you to PLEASE DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and hear us out.  

Let’s rewind. At the end of the day, why do we do them, what’s the point of these corporate events? Here’s our take:

  • Meet interesting people you don’t work with on an everyday basis. 
  • Build up a genuine rapport with your colleagues by stimulating interesting, friendly conversation that’s not about spreadsheets. 
  • Get out of the stuffy office environment. 
  • Have oodles of fun. 

What’s the correlation? Teamwork. All four make up the fundamentals of strong, lucrative teamwork: something so integral to your company’s success yet so, so often neglected. At Big Smoke we fully appreciate the overwhelmingly positive impact corporate events can have for your team and, consequently, your business. There’s no denying that if you like the people you work with, you’ll produce better work, so it’s crucial to get to know each other outside the office, at least occasionally.

So, here is our solution to your woes, our answer to that million-dollar question, our light-bulb moment: The Scavenger Hunt. Bring your business to the most enjoyable and entertaining corporate day-out in London.

It ticks all the boxes. Meet new people, enjoy each other’s company, laugh, create a bit of healthy competition, whizz around the streets of London and, most importantly, have an insanely fun time (see some photographic proof here). What’s more, every Scavenger Hunt is an exclusive, bespoke experience tailored specifically to you and your business; we rack our brains and tweak our challenges to suit your company’s individual quirks. Trust us, this is a new, innovative and unique way to put on a corporate event that will subsequently do wonders for your working environment, providing long-lasting, shared memories for everyone who took part. 

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the attendees: right from the smallest start-ups to the most prestigious powerhouses, many companies have already sung their praises. Check out some feedback below and, if you fancy laughing until you cry, book your day-out here, or find us on our Facebook page

'The BEST away day we've ever had - we laughed until we cried’ - Senior Manager Michael Page

'Everyone was really engaged and people had a lot of fun.’ – Adidas