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Client: Tesco

Location: The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross, London

Reason for event: A Break from a Sales Conference 

The BRIEF: Our client Tesco’s needed a quick, easy and fun activity as a break in one of their large corporate sales conferences. They were looking for something that was flexible about timings, a location that suited them, and got people out and about (away from the heavy presentations that had dominated the days prior). They approached the Big Smoke Events team and asked if there was anything we could possibly do, and with that brief of course we said yes. 

The SOLUTION: We created a scavenger hunt that was the perfect solution for their needs. The event lasted 3 hours and we found a venue in Kings Cross station, which provided a great connection for onwards travel. Whether they needed to catch a train home or tube to the next part of the conference it worked well for everyone. We also mixed up the teams, so they headed out on a scavenger hunt with people they didn’t know as well from the conference, encouraging them to break the boundaries and build stronger connections with other individuals who work for Tesco’s. 

The RESULT: By Tesco’s taking part in our scavenger hunt it allowed them to have the flexibility they needed. It provided a fun break from their sales conference with no additional hassle of planning an event, as the Big Smoke do most of it. Tesco have repeatedly asked the Big Smoke to provide a scavenger hunt during similar situations as they love how much fun it is for such a simple and easy event. 

If you’re looking for an event which fits into your schedule, breaks the ice, or simply allows people to relax after an intense few days - we can help!