Another Great Scavenger Hunt in the Bank

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Another great hunt with satisfied customers safely delivered, but a first for our new friends from NatWest Mobile (hence the banking pun – a bit weak I know!), but we’re pleased to say they had a brilliant, action-packed afternoon of competitive team building whilst having a lot of laughs and fun too.

This group of 15 split perfectly into three groups of five and my goodness, didn’t these guys have a competitive streak!  Our bespoke hunt comprised 30 challenges for the teams to complete in a two-hour window, with teams taking photos and video footage along the way for the final presentation and prize giving at The Warwick in central London.

“It was just so much fun and great way to really get to know colleagues” Sophie, NatWest Mobile event organiser.

We are delighted they had a good time! The benefits of a Scavenger Hunt for corporate clients are many (it’s a great opportunity to bond with colleagues, it’s something everyone can participate in; it’s cost effective, safe – the list goes on), but what is often most important to us at Big Smoke is that everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves – and NatWest Mobile certainly did just that!

For more information about our corporate scavenger hunts please click here, or if you want to see some pictures from the day follow us on Instagram @thebigsmokeevents

When a Challenge Fail Goes Wrong

You may have seen it, you certainly would have laughed at it but yesterday when we hosted a scavenger hunt for Tesco we were not expecting such an epic fail from one of our challenges. When James Moss took on the challenge of “pretending” to swim into the Thames he didn’t realise he would in fact be taking a dip!! Caught perfectly on camera by his team mates, we witness one of the best falls ever at The Big Smoke Events. But this video didn’t stop there, oh no, it has now gone viral, with The Evening StandardThe Sun and the Daily Mail both publishing an article about the hilarious fall, Lad Bible posted it to their Facebook page, which received over 3 million views and the clip has almost reached 81,000 retweets and over 170,000 likes on Twitter!! We can’t quite believe it! It will have you in fits of laughter, well I certainly was. If you want to have this much fun you know where we are.

Discovering your City

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Most of us know our local environment based upon where we live, our commute to work, or where we socialise, but we often become so familiar and comfortable in our surroundings that we tend not to notice what is right in front of us and the location we call home starts to become a little like wallpaper! Our city can become boring; we’ve seen all the tourist sites, trouped around the same old pubs every weekend, walked the same walks – it can all get a bit repetitive and we often run out of inspiration! Faced with “what shall we do this weekend?” can be one of the most difficult questions to answer! What on earth is there to do that’s fun and different?

In a vain attempt to add some variety we often splash the cash to escape the norm but what you might be looking for could be literally on your doorstep, and it needn’t break the bank!  It’s all about seeing your city in a new light, perhaps even getting lost in the place you thought you knew or discovering places you never would have gone to before, or even knew existed! 

What is this great activity I hear you ask…It’s a Scavenger Hunt! The ultimate way to really get under the skin of the city; to find something new or rediscover an old favourite haunt and seeing things and places in a different light. So, how does this all work?  You choose the location; we set the challenges: ten videos, ten photos and ten items to find. Together with family, friends, work colleagues or perhaps your yoga class, dog walking group or knitting circle. It is for anyone and everyone! But most importantly, it’s a great way to reinvigorate your interest in your city and rediscover the town beneath your feet!

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A New Family Tradition

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Most families have them; one of ours is going to the beach on New Year’s Day, no matter how bad the weather, no matter how bad the hangover! Some people have day-long Monopoly tournaments and I even have a friend whose family organise a super competitive annual sports day with trophies and everything! So whatever shape your family get together takes, or if you are looking for something different to add to the calendar, or perhaps just to start a new tradition – a Scavenger Hunt could tick all the right boxes.

It’s our special combination of friendly competition, physical challenge (don’t be put off, its basically walking around town or using public transport, we don’t expect you to scale Nelson’s column!), and brain teasers – just to get the grey matter into gear too – that makes this an activity where there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  From toddlers to teens, mums to granddads we can tailor-make an event to suit your family profile; suit your location and suit your budget.

It’s also great fun! Two hours of entertainment and laughter, and with a medal at the end too, who could want for anything more?! But seriously, getting together as a family is really about being together and creating special memories – and we hope at Big Smoke we can help families achieve just that!

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The New Treasure Hunt: The New Look to an Old Favourite

Treasure Hunt

We all remember the treasure hunt. It was a birthday party favourite, with your parents hiding things in the garden for you and your friends to find (whilst they enjoyed a few beers in the kitchen! No wonder some things took an absolute age to track down!!).  As teenagers you might have moved on to bike rides with maps and a picnic, ending up at a pub where you hoped you might get served, and as adults, you may even have done the super expensive corporate versions, with hot air balloons and helicopter trips to France. But now in the age of Pokemon Go the faithful treasure hunt has moved on a-pace; people expect much more than to run around the garden in search of a few mouldy old sweets!

And in true 21st century style (and, we’ve got to be honest, thanks in part to the runaway success of the aforementioned game), the treasure hunt has had the ultimate make-over and been transformed into, yes, you’ve guessed it – The Scavenger Hunt! And now this much-loved favourite is bang on trend! Just like Pokemon Go The Scavenger Hunt is guaranteed to get you out, off the sofa, engaged and engrossed.  

Our Hunts are all about personalisation; we make the events just for you. Whether you are organising a hen do, stag party, birthday bash or a work bonding session, we take on board your preferences, favourite things and the personalities of the group to devise a challenge that really ticks all the boxes. But unlike Pokemon Go you are not working on your own with just your iPhone for company as with all the Big Smoke Events it’s all about the fun and laughter of being part of a team. 

Why Team Building is the Most Important Investment You Can Make

Team Building Investment

Having a bad back used to be the most common reason why people had a day off work, but today, at the top of the list is stress . More and more of us are finding we need a ‘duvet day’ to escape from excessively high workloads, unrealistic deadlines and the unrelenting pressure to do it all. The problem here is not only that employees are not happy, but these lost days equate to a loss on the bottom line for the boss! 

So, if this is your work-place, what can you do to help? It is time to invest in strategies to boost morale, inspire your work force and build a successful team. People want to have fun at work, and most importantly want to feel valued! Valued employees want to do the best they can for the company, and are ultimately more productive (every employers dream)!

We all know about incentive programs, bonus schemes, corporate away days at luxury hotels or even corporate counselling sessions. But this sounds like a lot of money, hard to organise, and some of these options can even be intimidating, a little awkward and ultimately, the cause of even more stress for some!

But we are here to help with a relatively inexpensive – and fun – solution! We have created the ultimate challenge devised to get everyone up on their feet, engaged and involved, working together to solve some of those work-day stresses while having a good time. So here it is; The Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt! If you want to create something special for your business that brings people together in a relaxed environment. Away from the office or shop floor it gives your crew the chance to develop skills, build new relationships, shine when they might not have done before or just hang out and have a good time.

Stressful, it’s certainly not.  The benefits of unwinding with work colleagues, solving light-hearted problems together while having a few laughs along the way are second to none!

But you don’t just have to take our word for it, here are what others said about their team building day with us. 

“The challenges made sure that we didn't stop laughing all day, had to be creative and work as a team.” – S Livingston

“Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with the team and my ribs were aching from laughing by the time we finished.” – T Young

“The Scavenger Hunt is right up there with one of the best we've done! It gets everyone excited and focussed, bringing people together and having fun.” – O Cordelia

If this stress beating, team building and all round fun day sounds like it might work for you, click here to find out more!

The Importance of Bringing Out Your Inner Child!

“Being childish” almost always has negative connotations. “Stop behaving like a child”, “Grow up”, “Act your own age” are all variations of this baffling form of insult. Baffling because behaving like a child is often a sure-fire way to have loads of fun, so why treat it with contempt? 

You’ll often be scorned with the “childish” label when doing the following things:

- Telling an unsuitable joke

- Playing an immature prank

- Winding someone up with foolish remarks 

- Laughing inappropriately 

- General silliness

Imagine a world without all this, a world without silliness, a world without stupid jokes, a world without buffoonery: it would be excruciatingly boring. Well, here at Big Smoke Events, we are of the collective opinion that “being c!hildish” should, under no circumstances, stop happening. Whether you’re nineteen or ninety, behaving like a child is vital to having fun, it’s the crux of having a good time. Think about it for a second, children are quite simply awesome: they’re bursting to the brim with laughter, they’re spontaneous, giggly, abundantly energetic, carefree, easy-going, silly, the list goes on and on. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Now, we aren’t saying you should be silly and childish all of the time, in fact, this can be a disaster: cracking a juvenile joke in a business presentation probably wouldn’t be too clever, nor would replacing sugar with salt in your CEO’s tea. However, it’s crucial that you release your inner childishness now and again.  

We can provide you with this opportunity. Let us present our innovative, ingenious day-out:
The Scavenger Hunt, which, most importantly, gives you a chance to be a kid again.  

Running around London, cramming yourselves into nooks and crannies, photographing yourselves doing the weirdest and most wonderful things: now THAT is what having fun is all about. It’s about releasing your inhibitions, letting your hair down, laughing until your stomach hurts, giggling until you can’t breathe. Healthy, unadulterated fun. 

Whether you’re the Prime Minister, the Queen, or the milk monitor, everyone needs to have a good time, especially in the high-octane, stressful world we live in, so get your dose and book yourselves in today by clicking here. And, for proof of just how fun it is, check out some photos here or a few testimonies from some of our lucky attendees below. 

We implore you: stop being an adult, BE CHILDISH, even if just for a day.

The Alternative Way to See London

 Check out more snaps below...

Check out more snaps below...

London’s a big city, in fact, it’s massive. So, as a tourist, “seeing the sights” is far easier said than done. It’s one of the most cultured and metropolitan cities in the world, but being a tourist here is a tough ask. You’ll find yourself traipsing around, getting lost on the tube, squeezing into an overcrowded bus, before finally arriving at Big Ben, too exhausted to enjoy it.

As a local, you get lazy. Visiting Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge is always bottom of the to-do list and so the sights are never seen. Despite living in London, you never make the most of its rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. Why? Because it’s a faff, it’s stressful, and simply not that enjoyable to join the hoards to catch a glimpse of a Beefeater. 

So, the eternal paradox, the ongoing question: how to see the sights in a fun, hassle-free way. That, my friends, is where we come in. With The Scavenger Hunt, you’ll get to see the sights (big and small) and won’t even realise you’re doing it. Discover hidden places you never knew existed, little pubs, nooks and crannies, before stumbling across the London Eye in all its glory. 

No more huddling under an umbrella trudging behind a 90-year-old, disinterested tour guide, those days are long-gone. Instead, join your mates, or alternatively make new ones, and scuttle around London taking silly photos, completing hilarious challenges, and see the city from a new perspective. 

Stereotypical St. Paul’s selfies have had their day. Let’s start building Tate Gallery human pyramids and hanging upside down in front of the Shard. These are the memories you’ll remember, the ones that you’ll never forget (the photographic proof is below).

It’s a fresh way to see the Big Smoke: discover the undiscovered and tick those boxes you thought you’d never tick. Plus, do all this whilst you’re having an absolute ball. It really is a no-brainer. Get involved by booking your place here and check out some snaps of our previous (immensely happy) attendees. 

What are you waiting for? London’s alternative tour guide awaits.