Charities. We love them. We NEED them. They are so important in our society; people’s lives depend on the work they do and the contributions we make to keep them going. Sometimes we forget this and forget about the vast difference they make every day. Charities are simply amazing! We at the Big Smoke Events understand this and want to get as involved as possible when it comes to supporting different charities. So, when a client approaches us with an event in aid of a charity we immediately say yes!

This summer we have worked with a number of different charities, but 2 of our favourite have been Deloitte who were supporting Depaul Group, and Montagu Evans who were supporting Habitat for Humanity. Each event went perfectly with constant laughter throughout the day, of course, and everyone supporting such great causes.   But that’s not all, oh no! The Big Smoke want to help in as many ways as we can, and we know just how vital these charities are. So, for each charity event we host we contribute 20% of the event’s profits to the chose charity! 

Every little bit helps’ and we hope our efforts have helped both Depaul Group and Habitat for Humanity in their future projects. Thank you, Deloitte and Montagu Evans for approaching us to create an event in aid of these wonderful charities, and we look forward to our next charity scavenger hunt. 

Next time you are thinking of organising an event in aid of a charity, why not approach the Big Smoke? We promise to provide the best scavenger hunt you’ve ever been on and we promise to support your selected charity! 

Need some more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact Fran and her team to find out more! 



It's true, you're never too old to enjoy a scavenger hunt! You may think that running around London, chasing clues and doing silly challenges might be a thing of the past, something best left to the young and daring, but we say "think again" as our hunts once again prove to be just perfect for all! We've recently hosted a couple of retirement parties, groups who were looking for something different to do, something other than a glass of luke-warm wine and a limp sausage roll in the back room of a pub, something a bit more memorable- something that celebrates freedom from work and the daily grind, and says hello to a life of action, new challenges and fun! 

We can tailor-make a hunt to suit you, set around your place of work perhaps or with clues and tasks with a relevant theme-it's all possible - why not get in touch and we can discuss options-and there won't be a sad sausage roll in sight!


What makes us different - Blog.png

We can all picture it, you are battling the internet searching for the best scavenger hunt out there, but to you they all seem similar! How are you supposed to tell which one is right for you? Or which one is exactly what you are looking for? Well no fear we are here to point you in the right direction and help you see how we are different (and in my opinion better) than our competitors… so listen up!

First things first we PERSONALISE each and every scavenger hunt. That’s right your scavenger hunt will be like nothing before, meaning you could do it again and again as each time it will be different than before! We create the scavenger hunts to fit around you, so, whether you are booking us for a corporate event looking to engage your employees or a hen do or birthday party and wanting to make them the centre of attention we are you match! We make sure you leave the day with a smile on your face and memories to last forever!

We are also very flexible for each event and can change the scavenger hunt in order to suit you. If you want the hunt to be shorter not a problem, if you need to change locations not a problem, or if you wanted to host the event at home or at the office, not a problem! We want to make this the perfect event for you and nothing is too difficult for our Big Smoke Team!

But that is not all, you may have seen some videos and photos from our unique award ceremonies (I’m sure you have giggled at a few, if not check them out here). We present these as soon as you return, and it is something you can keep from the day (as well as the winner’s prizes)! Not only that but you get to see what the rest of your friends, family or colleagues got up to in their teams and laugh along as you see others dancing in front of strangers and getting scored an embarrassing 4 out of 10!

All of these qualities make us different from others, and we try and make it as simple as possible to understand, stepping away from technology and allowing you to interact with others. We have received 100% 5* reviews, in particular stating how great it was not be attached to an iPad! We don’t use your whole day and we encourage each hunt to just be about having fun, no historical or education element (unless you fancy it) it is just about enjoying yourself!

So, that is how we make ourselves different from the others out there. Sound like this is something for you, it’s what you have been looking for the whole time? Then don’t hesitate and inquire about booking today!


Hen to remember - Blog.png

We have run 40 Hen Do scavenger hunts this summer alone, and with this number under our belt, we like to think we know a little something about what makes a good Hen party and how to put an event together that everyone can enjoy, granny included.  All the brides to be agree that including a scavenger hunt in their day is something just that little bit different, especially with personalised hunts to each bride, making them the centre of attention and photo memories to last a life time who wouldn’t want to join in with this fun!?

Our events bring all the party together, getting old friends meeting the new and creating a day to remember. We know you and your bridal party will love the challenges that await you! In fact, this year we picked our favourite Hen Do challenge, and after much consideration (and many laughs in the office), the winning activity has to pretending to swim in the Thames. All our Hen Do’s created hilarious videos and memories that we hope stay with them forever, (or at least till the wedding day).

So, if you are looking for something a little different, something to get everyone laughing and something to break the ice then you have found your answer. Your Maid of Honour duties need not be stressful as you can book today, and we will help make the day one to remember. Come on, try your hand at swimming the Thames!


Summer Blog.png

What a summer we have had! Endless sunny days meaning you could finally organise a bbq or garden party with a slim chance of any rain, we brits couldn’t ask for anything more, and neither could our corporate scavengers! The Big Smoke team have been non-stop with planning scavenger hunts around London and we have seen some pretty epic challenges. With teams from the likes of Deloitte squeezing into impossibly small spaces, the London Metal Exchange dancing in front of strangers (and receiving floral tributes for their brilliant moves no less!), and for the second time we’ve hosted Havas who exceeded themselves by topping last year’s challenges, completely throwing caution to the wind in the sun-shine, running around town like a bunch of over excited 7 years olds yet having the time of their lives - which is all we could ever ask for. Other corporates that have joined in the fun this summer include Amex, Natwest, The Leading Edge, ToucanBox and Mace.

Overall summer 2018 has been great for us. Since May we’ve hosted 90 events with nearly 2000 scavengers taking part, what more could we ask for? But even though summer is winding down (and we might just take a bit of a breather), it’s full steam ahead for autumn and then, yes, you’ve guessed it, but dare we say the word so soon? Christmas!! 

Want to see some great scavengers in action? Check out our Instagram page here


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We have all been waiting for this moment with excitement and anticipation, (well, the Big Smoke team have!) as the Big Smoke video has finally been launched! Covering everything from the challenges to the awards ceremony, you can finally see what our events are all about. You will see that it’s just good fun and a great laugh all the way! No more second guessing if this is for you or not, no more dithering about taking the plunge and making a booking, after watching this video you’ll know this is just a great experience; something different, affordable, fun.  Get the gang together and have a fantastic, memorable time.

So, got a spare five minutes? Click here on the link below to watch the full video and refer back to our website if you want to re-watch it… we hope you will. And for any of you past scavengers, watch out as you just might have a starring role!


Coming Soon To A Screen Near You: The Big Smoke Video


Everything becomes a lot clearer when you see something first hand. You get that “oh yeah” moment when something finally clicks, and you ‘get’ what everyone has been ranting and raving about for the past half an hour. So, the Big Smoke team have been thinking how we can create an “oh yeah” moment when it comes to our events; how we can show you just how good our scavenger hunts are.  It’s all well and good taking our word for it or trusting what your best friend’s mum’s uncle told you about us, but sometimes that isn’t quite enough. We understand you might need just that little bit more to appreciate what you are signing up to and getting involved in – and to get a feel for the fun that the Big Smoke team have every day.

So, watch this space for the upcoming Big Smoke video! It will feature everything, ‘warts n’ all’, from the briefing, the challenges to the final awards ceremony and of course what previous ‘hunters’ thought about their day. We hope it will help you decide if it’s the right activity for you, whether you’re organising a hen party, corporate away-day, birthday party or retirement do, hopefully it will be the event for you!  Prepare yourself for the Big Smoke video coming to a computer screen near you!

A Birthday Bash to Remember

Birthday Bash.png

Your bestie is gearing up for a big birthday – maybe it’s the 21st, 30th, 40th or even the 80th!!!! So, what to do to celebrate? Most of us have a total mix of friends, some are sporty, some love history and others enjoy a few drinks and never take themselves too seriously, so finding something everyone can enjoy can be difficult. By the time you are organising the next few dos to celebrate the milestones you really need to come up with something that everyone will find fun!

That’s where something interactive, challenging and fun, without breaking the bank (nor, most importantly, breaking any life-long friendships!) can fit the bill.  Needless to say, we think our Scavenger Hunt can tick all the boxes – and we’re not alone.  Here’s what Julie from Clapham said to us after her Hunt.

“We had a simply fantastic time. Since we were in our teens, my best friend and I have organised something special for our respective birthdays and now we’re in our late 20’s we were both beginning to run out of ideas as you can imagine! But a scavenger hunt was a perfect solution. Not only did our usual gang all turn out, we included partners – and parents too! Such good fun.” 

We can top n’ tail our events with beers and prosecco, tea and cakes – whatever you want to make the day more special… Why not get in touch to find out more and make the next birthday bash one to remember!