It’s back on our screens and as addictive as ever. With 11 candidates still remaining we can’t wait to see what happens next, well, I can’t wait to witness the next argument between Kurran Pooni and another team player. Will it be his time to go this week?

Every year when the apprentice comes around I find myself thinking ‘I would like to give this a go’, and although I may crumble at the first hurdle, as I am not one for confrontation, I still think it would be fun to see how far I got. Wouldn’t it be fun to compete against others, race across town to complete the challenge, try to work as a team, which always seems impossible for some people on the show, and testing every candidate’s aptitude. Well, hang on a minute, this all sounds very familiar, it sounds like the Big Smoke Events Scavenger Hunts! I mean we may not have Lord Sugar at the other end of the table, threatening to fire you, but we do allow you to escape the boardroom and head outside. We encourage your competitiveness, your speed to complete all 30 challenges and your natural ability to work within a team.  We all know our favourite episode is where the teams run around the city like headless chickens look for the best bargain for a list of unknown items. Finding a kilo of cane sugar, bargaining for a fish, and other such items, which are not too dissimilar to some of our bucket list challenges. Your chance to experience the apprentice can finally happen (kind of). Oh, and it gets better we offer a fantastic prize, something that you can wear proudly around the office, simply reminding everyone that YOU are the WINNERS!

Although the rest of the UK may not see your fantastic skills your colleagues defiantly will. With a memorable award ceremony that you can keep forever, your day will be remembered as if you were on TV. Let us make your apprentice fantasy become reality and book one of our scavenger hunts today!  

We hope you enjoy tonight’s show, but will your favourite be fired this time?



“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” R. Reagan

Not everyone can be a leader, but everyone knows the importance a strong leader brings to the table. We have seen it throughout history. Individuals who have changed the way people act and their attitudes to situations. The impact people have when they take a position of leadership is so powerful it should never be wasted. You may have already experienced great leadership and seen the changes for yourself, if you haven’t, well, all you need to do is pick up a history book to see the follow-on effect. This is why employees who possess leadership skills are so important within companies. It is a prized quality to have!

You only have to do a quick google search to realise the potential a strong leader can bring to your company. Encouraging such a skill brings more than just a motivated workforce, you’ll start to see increased productivity and maximum efficiency across your employees. Communication skills will increase, as effective leaders break the boundary between hierarchical levels, encouraging a growing confidence throughout any workforce. Behind most successful companies are strong leaders, it’s the key to success. But how can you develop this skill across your team? Not everyone is a natural leader who can charm the entire office as soon as they enter, some need a little push in the right direction.

This is where we come in. Our scavenger hunts are a fantastic way to encourage and demonstrate leadership skills within your employees. From organising their team, to constructing a plan to complete each challenge. It’s a brilliant way to spark the leadership skills you are looking for. Now you might think we are a little bias, but you can see for yourself just how highly we are recommended and how effective an activity like this could benefit your company, also its pretty good fun! So, if you want to see a change enquire today to find out what we can do to help.



Big Ben to your right, Westminster Abbey up ahead and only 30 minutes left to dance in front of a stranger in front of the London Eye, squeeze into a black cab and make it to Buckingham Palace to pose for an awkward family photo! It’s not every day you get to see the London landmarks, and probably not every day you get to do our wacky challenges (if you do we want to know your secret!) So, we thought it was time to combine the two, creating the ultimate TOURIST SCAVENGER HUNT, when else could you say you did all that in one day?  

So, let us announce that the Big Smoke Event’s tourist scavenger hunt is launching on SATURDAY 17th NOVEMBER 2018! How exciting! We have created a partnership with the lovely Sohostel* and will be starting and finishing the hunts from there every Saturday from 13:00 – 16:00. It is a brilliant way to see what London has to offer, whilst having a laugh, and racing around to complete all the challenges in 2 hours. And, that’s not even the best part! You can take come along to our tourist hunts even if you are a solo traveller, travelling in a pair or you make up a whole team, you can all get involved. In fact, it is a great way to meet new people, and don’t worry about any awkward silences you’ll be closer than ever after you try and squeeze into the smallest space you can find – quite literally closer than EVER!

We would love to see as many people as possible attend the launch on the 17th, it is going to be HUGE! So, whether you are a solo traveller, travelling with a group of friends or perhaps you already live in Britain, but you just want to see the famous sights of London, you are all invited to attend the launch!

Free your diary’s grab your trainers and come on down to Sohostel on Saturday 17th November 2018. You won’t regret it, we promise! To book tickets head to Design My Night or contact us and we will be happy to secure a spot for you!

We can’t wait to be scavenger hunting with you soon and introducing you to London Town!  

*Sohostel Address - 91 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3SY



Picture this. I’m leaving to go to a Halloween party in 10 minutes and I still didn’t have a costume! Everyone was ready to go as either a witch, devil or a cat (who would have thought they were scary!), and I had nothing! Now with 5 minutes to go I decided a ghost would have to do and I threw a white bed sheet over my head and off I went. It was the best idea I’ve ever had, and I realised just how much I love Halloween.  Although we may have grown out of trick and treating, and it might not be acceptable to ask our neighbours for free sweets anymore (heartbreakingly). Halloween is still just as fun and we at The Big Smoke Events never miss out on a fun opportunity. So, grab your brooms, devil horns, cat ears and bed sheets and get involved in one of our spooky scavenger hunts. We don’t disappoint and promise to give you a Halloween to remember, as you hunt across London to complete the dare devilling tasks that await you this Halloween!

Don’t worry our scavenger hunts won’t give you nightmares but they will provide you a fun alternative to any Halloween celebration you may have done before. So, if you feel like it is for you enquire now and find out our availability.

Happy Halloween!   



The Santa Scavenger Hunt is back! We can already hear your screams of excitement as we announced it. It’s time to get your Santa outfits out of the attic and check they still fit, because you are going to want to take part in this year’s Santa Scavenger Hunt! With new challenges and new location’s, you can guarantee the chaos to return in full force, and if your Christmas’ are anything like mine then a bit of chaos will feel exactly like Christmas day!

To take part in this year’s hunt all you need is yourself and 4 other friends, colleagues, family members even strangers if you fancied it to make a team! But you must hurry as there are only 12 spaces available on each day and trust me they are selling out fast. We don’t want you to miss out so click on the link below and get ready as tickets are only £20.00 per person (£100 for each team) they are a Christmas steal and you simply can’t argue with that.

So, whether you prefer to sing Christmas carols or stuff your face with pigs in blanket our Santa Scavenger Hunts suits all, it will make your December one to remember so, get your tickets before they sell out in 3…2…1…GONE!




It’s started hasn’t it? The children are off for October Half Term and they’re already whining “I’m bored!!” Having exhausted everything on their list of things to do and scrolling on their iphones, ipods and ipads has finally become dull (who’d have thought it??!), they – and you -are desperate for something different to do, something other than heading to the Hawk Conservancy with Grandma - again.

However, we realise how hard it is to find something ‘new’ where teenagers won’t moan “I can’t be bothered”, “it’s boring” or “you’ve got to be kidding”!  But help is at hand! We of course think we have the ultimate solution; it’s simple - a scavenger hunt. What’s not to love? Everyone can join in and what makes us different from the crowd is that we will tailor the hunt to suit you, your family and friends (and Grandma!), including challenges that are hard not to laugh at and enjoy. We absolutely guarantee a fun packed day and if your children are a little embarrassed by what they’re tasked to do, its all just character and confidence building (and it gives you the opportunity to get your own back on those teenagers for once!) They’ll certainly treasure the moments for years to come…especially when it’s all been caught on camera!

So, come on, do something out of the box this half term, forget the theme park, the museum, even my mum’s favourite the good o’l Hawk Conservancy – get in touch, find out more and book yourself a good fun time!



It is well and truly winter, we are in it for the long haul and you can’t deny it any longer. We have already starting moaning about the weather, haven’t we? Although the nights are getting longer, and we may get home when its dark, it does not mean the fun needs to stop! Defiantly not! We believe scavenger hunting can be done all year round. No rain, snow, hail or thunder will stop us and our scavenger hunters from having a good time and causing chaos around London Town!

Who cares if it is snowing it all adds to the festive fun and don’t worry we tailor all our hunts to fit around the winter. So, if snow does come knocking this year we are prepared with lots of challenges heading inside to discover London’s cosy spaces and who knows you just might end up sipping on mulled wine! So, grab your scarf and a couple of friends to take on a scavenger hunt this winter!  

Take Your Dogto Work Day! (1).png

Don’t let the weather stop you from gaining The Big Smoke’s winning prize and having one of the best days of your life so far. Embrace the winter weather in all its glory and come and join a scavenger hunt soon!

To find out more or if you have any questions please do contact us!



I know I know you don’t want to hear it! We’ve just had the most glorious summer we could ever ask for and although we might be ready for some cold nights snuggled up by the fire, we are not ready to be talking Christmas!!

However, we don’t want you to miss out and you know how it is, everything gets booked up in a flash. You don’t want to be the one letting down your team, organising an ‘average’ Christmas party because you booked too late and missed all the good stuff. You want your colleagues to remember this one so make it the best it’s ever been (and ever could be) and include a Big Smoke a Christmas special scavenger hunt!

We have already had over 10 bookings for Christmas do’s and the dates are filling up fast! We would hate to have to turn you down and miss out on the chance to experience one of our hilarious scavenger hunts. So why not get in early and inquire about a Christmas scavenger hunt today! Then when the time comes all the stress of organising is already dealt with and you can leave it to us to provide you with a great morning, afternoon or evening of scavenger fun!

If you are worried that a scavenger hunt might not be right for you and your company, or you think it doesn’t suit the occasion. Give our 5* reviews a read on both tripadvisor and google and see what companies such as Deloitte, Natwest and Tesco’s had to say about our hunts. Soon you will see how The Big Smoke Team can adapt to every occasion, venue and company and create the perfect event for you this Christmas.

We look forward to hosting a Christmas scavenger hunt for you soon!