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I must say we are extremely proud of our reviews, with over 90 of them on both Trip Advisor and Google we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write one! We are SO pleased that you enjoyed your Big Smoke event and very happy that some of you have booked multiple times. We certainly are not just a one hit wonder that’s for sure!

Leaving us a review really does make a massive difference to our company. I mean think about it, how many times do you check the reviews before you book? It’s become part of the procedure to read as many as possible before placing a deposit. We often forget to leave reviews when we have a brilliant time and we usually only write one when we experience something awful. So, with ALL our reviews being left a 5-star rating and coming 56th out of 477 on Trip Advisor’s ‘Fun & Games in London’ we are over the moon! And it shows just how much fun and what great quality our events really are.

With such kind words being left on our Trip Advisor and Google pages, it makes all the hard work and effort that we put into each scavenger hunt truly worth it. And we do love reading them so keep them coming.

So, if you have experienced one of our epic scavenger hunts and want to tell everyone about it. Then please do either on Trip Advisor or Google – we are so grateful and appreciate every single one. THANK YOU!



Did you know that around one third of couples ‘pop the question’ between November and December? And a popular day to do it is Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day who would have thought that? Winter engagements are a BIG thing and with those months behind us, I am sure you have got plenty of save the dates piling up.

So, with such a large proportion of people deciding to propose in winter, it means that now is the time to start planning and getting things booked, for that all important day, oh yes and booking things for the wedding too! The hen do is something we all look forward too so it’s better to book before someone else grabs your perfect activity, venue or whatever else you might have planned.

With most of our hen bookings happening in January it would be a shame if you missed out because you left it just a little bit too late. So, start planning the hen do that will beat all other hen do’s and secure a date for scavenger hunt today! Our bespoke scavenger hunts will make it a day to remember. And if you have more than one hen do coming up this year, well who says you can’t book a scavenger hunt for them all. They are always different, and we promise you will still be laughing by your last hunt!

Start planning the BEST hen do in town and secure a place today on the Big Smoke Events Scavenger Hunts.

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With the festivities over and the hangover from hell just beginning you may not want to start thinking about your new year’s resolutions, that you promised yourself you would stick too. In fact, you have already seen far to many people telling you on Instagram that “2019 is their year!” But, can it be yours too? We think so!

Resolutions are actually a great way to kick start 2019, however big or small they might be. They are a motivating technique to start your year right! Whether that be the popular one of getting fitter after those Christmas dinners, or deciding this year will be the one you donate to a new charity. Whatever they maybe we are loving the idea of a new year, a new me, well you don’t have to change that much!

However, perhaps this year you have decided to focus your resolutions on others. Maybe you are trying to build a stronger team at work, or you think everyone needs to get out the office more and feel the benefits of being outside. Does this sound like you? Well if that’s the case enquire today about how our scavenger hunts can help do just that, pushing 2019 off to a great start!

So, whatever you are thinking of doing in 2019 or whether you are like us and just want to continue providing quality scavenger hunts! This year can certainly be the one for you.




It’s here, it’s finally here and what joy it brings. We hope you are all having a lovely day, and opening up some glorious gifts from Father Christmas, friends or family.

There is nothing quite like Christmas Day and with Christmas lunch or dinner in sight we will leave you too it, however you may be spending it and whoever you may be spending Christmas with. Whether you are with family, friends, work colleagues or perhaps even strangers, we at The Big Smoke Events just wanted to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!




What a festive weekend The Big Smoke and our festive scavengers had as they participated in our second Santa scavenger hunt on Saturday 15th December 2018. Each team raced across Soho to complete as many challenges as possible in just 2 hours. You may be thinking but what about the weather? Well that didn’t stop our festive hunters, in fact some even performed snow angels lying on a bridge! No rain could ever stop them from taking The Big Smoke Christmas trophy.

With many teams taking on the Christmas challenge it was all to play for, and it was getting pretty heated as planning begun. 13:30 strikes and each team bolted out the door, well, all but one as they tactically complete a couple of challenges at the base to avoid the rain and to get a few marks straight away – clever thinking!

We received so many brilliant photos and videos it was looking like it was going to be a close match and bonus points were as crucial as ever. These ones were our favourite photos, which photo is yours?

15th .png

As the 2 hours were quickly coming to an end and each team frantically tried to finish off any challenge’s they may have missed we got ready to mark each team and create an award ceremony that would have them in stitch’s (of laughter of course)!

After the hilarious awards it was time to announce the winners, who would it be? The drum roll started, and everyone watched the screen eagerly… “The winners are Santa’s Little Elfers” a huge round of applause and a few sour faces but you could tell everyone had a great time and a lot of fun acting like a child for the day.

What a way to celebrate the Christmas holiday and a brilliant way to end our scavenger hunts for 2018.

If you want to have this much fun in the New Year enquire today and see how we can help you.



We can’t quite believe it is coming to an end. It always comes around so fast! 2018 has been a HUGE year for us with nearly 200 bookings, new employees, tons of 5* reviews and one of our challenge outtakes featured on Lad Bible and across the media, even making a story in the Daily Mail - thats when we knew we had really made it! We couldn’t be happier with our scavenger hunting success. The Big Smoke Events just might call this their biggest year yet, and we couldn’t have done it without you so first and foremost THANK YOU! 

As the year draws to an end we thought we would gift you all with our top 5 favourite and most hilarious challenges from the year. We have seen so many brilliant takes on our challenges and would LOVE to include them all. But we have to say these ones will be the most memorable from 2018, so congratulations if you made the cut! 

Coming in at number 5 was the charity event we ran for Montagu Evans. They dressed as mannequins and jumped for joy in their scavenger hunt, but that’s not the best part. This was a huge success for their chosen charity Habitat for Humanity. We love to help out whenever we can, donating 20% of the events profit to the companies selected charity. So being chosen to host this charity event for Montagu Evans has to go down as one of the best moment in 2018. 

N A T U R E (1).png

In fourth place is this priceless awkward family photo including a someone extra. One of our Big Smoke members Harry. We think he mastered the pose, don’t you? 

Take Your Dogto Work Day! (2).png

Now this one was tricky. We see so many fantastic photos fill the caption ‘I can’t believe we all fit in here’ and they always get everyone laughing. So we know this might be cheating but we had to put the challenge in third position for 2018! Well done to everyone who used their creativity and squeezed into all the tight spaces across London. 

Can't believe we fit 2018.png

In second place and it was pretty close, was this fantastic video and photo from the London Gay Mens Choir. They speak for themselves and having a 87 year old participant is amazing! Who can say they have done that? This had to make the list of 2018!

LGMC - 87 yrs.jpeg

However, the winner of the most hilarious and most views challenge we have ever had at The Big Smoke Events, has to go to this video of James falling quite literally into the Thames. It still makes us laugh every time we watch it and will be remembered as THE funniest moment of 2018 at The Big Smoke Events.

We hope you have had just as much fun this year as we have, and we wish we could show you more. We look forward to creating new 2019 challenges and seeing what you guys have to offer. BRING IT ON! 

To make a booking for 2019 click here to find out more. 



On Saturday 8th of December our Santa Scavengers took to the streets of London in their festive outfits to complete some very Christmassy challenges.  The day was fully booked, with each team reaching their capacity. Once planning had begun, the competition started and as soon as the claxon went every team shot out the front door and off to limbo under tinsel.

With the scavenger hunt underway we were treated to some real festive photos and videos, which we have shared with you below.  From nativity scenes to crying Santa’s everyone was ticking each challenge off one by one, but who would be crowned the winners?  

Copy of Take Your Dogto Work Day! (2).png

It was getting close, so bonus points were crucial. We couldn’t ignore all the effort this team put in to their outfits so instantly a bonus point was rewarded, helping them get one step closer to the winning trophy.

Take Your Dogto Work Day! (3).png

We witnessed some impressive videos too. Christmas carols might not be some of the team’s strengths, but they defiantly got us laughing when they came down that escalator.

The 2 hours were quickly coming to an end. The teams started to arrive back from their epic Santa scavenger hunt, the drinks began to flow, and the points were marked all in time for the award ceremony.

When we announced the winners, well done to Olivia’s Sweet 16, you could see everyone had a great afternoon and one to remember. What a way to kick off the 2018 Santa Scavenger Hunts!

If you are reading this and GUTTED, you missed out. Don’t worry there is still time, (and some spaces) left to book on to the final Santa scavenger hunt on the 15th December 2018. Come and join in but get your Christmassy gear at the ready! Click here to book.



When it comes to solving cryptic clues, I have no hope. I am useless at trying to solve sudoku’s or the rubric’s cube it blows my mind how some people can complete them so quickly. You may be one of them, but if you are like me it will take a lot of practise to become the cryptic clue master. So, I need to start off on an easier level because you may have heard that games like these and solving cryptic clues, help to keep your brain active and can actually help delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, protecting your brain from decline.

So, with such positive results from solving cryptic clues it’s a great idea, from time to time, to not let your brain completely switch off. They allow you to test yourself but in a fun and different way than you normally would do, and they certainly help pass the time. In fact, I have heard puzzles like these can be quite relaxing and satisfying, so defiantly worth a try. This is something we at the Big Smoke Events have recognised, so we include a couple of cryptic clues in every scavenger hunt. We understand how beneficial it can be for your brain, and you never know solving our clues might be the start to your brain teaser success! It could all start with a Big Smoke scavenger hunt, you will be thanking us later when your brain is still fit and healthy in your 90s!

Even if you don’t start with one of our scavenger hunts, any puzzle, riddle or cryptic clue will keep your brain healthy and active. So, next time you are catching a train or waiting for a bus, instead of binge watching that TV series on Netflix, why not finish that sudoku puzzle you promised yourself you would do.

To find out more out our cryptic clue brain teasers click here.