The Importance of Bringing Out Your Inner Child!

“Being childish” almost always has negative connotations. “Stop behaving like a child”, “Grow up”, “Act your own age” are all variations of this baffling form of insult. Baffling because behaving like a child is often a sure-fire way to have loads of fun, so why treat it with contempt? 

You’ll often be scorned with the “childish” label when doing the following things:

- Telling an unsuitable joke

- Playing an immature prank

- Winding someone up with foolish remarks 

- Laughing inappropriately 

- General silliness

Imagine a world without all this, a world without silliness, a world without stupid jokes, a world without buffoonery: it would be excruciatingly boring. Well, here at Big Smoke Events, we are of the collective opinion that “being c!hildish” should, under no circumstances, stop happening. Whether you’re nineteen or ninety, behaving like a child is vital to having fun, it’s the crux of having a good time. Think about it for a second, children are quite simply awesome: they’re bursting to the brim with laughter, they’re spontaneous, giggly, abundantly energetic, carefree, easy-going, silly, the list goes on and on. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Now, we aren’t saying you should be silly and childish all of the time, in fact, this can be a disaster: cracking a juvenile joke in a business presentation probably wouldn’t be too clever, nor would replacing sugar with salt in your CEO’s tea. However, it’s crucial that you release your inner childishness now and again.  

We can provide you with this opportunity. Let us present our innovative, ingenious day-out:
The Scavenger Hunt, which, most importantly, gives you a chance to be a kid again.  

Running around London, cramming yourselves into nooks and crannies, photographing yourselves doing the weirdest and most wonderful things: now THAT is what having fun is all about. It’s about releasing your inhibitions, letting your hair down, laughing until your stomach hurts, giggling until you can’t breathe. Healthy, unadulterated fun. 

Whether you’re the Prime Minister, the Queen, or the milk monitor, everyone needs to have a good time, especially in the high-octane, stressful world we live in, so get your dose and book yourselves in today by clicking here. And, for proof of just how fun it is, check out some photos here or a few testimonies from some of our lucky attendees below. 

We implore you: stop being an adult, BE CHILDISH, even if just for a day.

The Alternative Way to See London

Check out more snaps below...

Check out more snaps below...

London’s a big city, in fact, it’s massive. So, as a tourist, “seeing the sights” is far easier said than done. It’s one of the most cultured and metropolitan cities in the world, but being a tourist here is a tough ask. You’ll find yourself traipsing around, getting lost on the tube, squeezing into an overcrowded bus, before finally arriving at Big Ben, too exhausted to enjoy it.

As a local, you get lazy. Visiting Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge is always bottom of the to-do list and so the sights are never seen. Despite living in London, you never make the most of its rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. Why? Because it’s a faff, it’s stressful, and simply not that enjoyable to join the hoards to catch a glimpse of a Beefeater. 

So, the eternal paradox, the ongoing question: how to see the sights in a fun, hassle-free way. That, my friends, is where we come in. With The Scavenger Hunt, you’ll get to see the sights (big and small) and won’t even realise you’re doing it. Discover hidden places you never knew existed, little pubs, nooks and crannies, before stumbling across the London Eye in all its glory. 

No more huddling under an umbrella trudging behind a 90-year-old, disinterested tour guide, those days are long-gone. Instead, join your mates, or alternatively make new ones, and scuttle around London taking silly photos, completing hilarious challenges, and see the city from a new perspective. 

Stereotypical St. Paul’s selfies have had their day. Let’s start building Tate Gallery human pyramids and hanging upside down in front of the Shard. These are the memories you’ll remember, the ones that you’ll never forget (the photographic proof is below).

It’s a fresh way to see the Big Smoke: discover the undiscovered and tick those boxes you thought you’d never tick. Plus, do all this whilst you’re having an absolute ball. It really is a no-brainer. Get involved by booking your place here and check out some snaps of our previous (immensely happy) attendees. 

What are you waiting for? London’s alternative tour guide awaits. 

There’s a New Hen Do in Town

Pictures from May London Hen Event

Pictures from May London Hen Event

“Once you’re married, things will change, you’ll have different priorities”, says Auntie Jane wisely whilst sipping a Margarita, ignorant to the fact that what she's saying is total rubbish. It’s a funny idea when you think about it, taking a bride-to-be out for one final night of freedom with all her girlfriends, almost as if she’ll never be able to have fun again once those church bells ring. 

Of course, there is life after marriage, but alas, given that it’s socially unacceptable to tie the knot without a hen party, you’re left with no choice, you’ve got to throw one. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you do it right. 

Now, the inevitable anxiety and fear that will permeate any bride-to-be pre-Hen Do is due to the myriad of catastrophic parties that went disastrously wrong. Calamities such as:

  1. Happy Hours in dingy bars: too many jägerbombs, too many explosive tempers, too many tears; it’s a fatal combo.
  2. The Shabby Local Spa:  smelly saunas, murky jacuzzis, sweaty steam rooms:
  3. Hen Do Dares with adulterous consequences: snogging a barman probably isn’t the ideal start to a marriage. 

Not three situations you want to find yourself in and ones that primarily stem from two things: excessive alcohol and the inherent, hidden pressure on the bride-to-be’s shoulders for everyone to have a great time. 

Well, we can help. We’ll relieve you of that pressure, let us take the weight of responsibility and organise everything for you. We’ll keep you occupied with irresistibly fun and silly challenges before treating you to a hilarious recap of the day, all to help truly celebrate why you’re all there in the first place. 

Remember why you’re there? Because you’re all best, best mates. And, the idea of a Hen Do is to celebrate one of your best girlfriend’s romantic success whilst enjoying each other’s company and having a phenomenally fun day-out. We’ll tailor the day to the Hen, we’ll make you laugh, grin, leap (literally) for joy, whizz around London and provide you with hilarious, wholesome, and memorable fun that you’ll talk about for years to come. 

The Scavenger Hunt will offer you a Hen like no other. What’s more, our photos from the day will tell a far better story than blurry iPhone shots from a nightclub. If you don’t believe us, check out a few snaps here, and, once you’re convinced, click here to book yourself in. 

You won’t regret it, these ladies certainly didn’t:

‘So personal and so much fun - it made some very special/hilarious memories' (Sophie, 26 - Cambridge)

'So many of the girls said it was one of the best hen activities they had done - will definitely be recommending’ (Laura, 29 - London)

Revitalising the Corporate Day-Out

Photos from ADIDAS and BCG Scavenger Hunts.

Photos from ADIDAS and BCG Scavenger Hunts.

Unfortunately, corporate events are synonymous with organised fun. Everyone loves to hate them and, given the form they currently take, for good reason. They’re somewhat reminiscent of Freshers’ Week: awkward conversations, bad jokes, uncomfortable social situations and always thoroughly tedious. Whether it’s an office pub trip under the guise of Thirsty Thursdays, a group outing to the local pizza joint or, and I hope never to suffer this again, sober karaoke at 6pm, it’s painful to even think about how utterly atrocious most corporate events can be. 

Therefore, we are urging you to PLEASE DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and hear us out.  

Let’s rewind. At the end of the day, why do we do them, what’s the point of these corporate events? Here’s our take:

  • Meet interesting people you don’t work with on an everyday basis. 
  • Build up a genuine rapport with your colleagues by stimulating interesting, friendly conversation that’s not about spreadsheets. 
  • Get out of the stuffy office environment. 
  • Have oodles of fun. 

What’s the correlation? Teamwork. All four make up the fundamentals of strong, lucrative teamwork: something so integral to your company’s success yet so, so often neglected. At Big Smoke we fully appreciate the overwhelmingly positive impact corporate events can have for your team and, consequently, your business. There’s no denying that if you like the people you work with, you’ll produce better work, so it’s crucial to get to know each other outside the office, at least occasionally.

So, here is our solution to your woes, our answer to that million-dollar question, our light-bulb moment: The Scavenger Hunt. Bring your business to the most enjoyable and entertaining corporate day-out in London.

It ticks all the boxes. Meet new people, enjoy each other’s company, laugh, create a bit of healthy competition, whizz around the streets of London and, most importantly, have an insanely fun time (see some photographic proof here). What’s more, every Scavenger Hunt is an exclusive, bespoke experience tailored specifically to you and your business; we rack our brains and tweak our challenges to suit your company’s individual quirks. Trust us, this is a new, innovative and unique way to put on a corporate event that will subsequently do wonders for your working environment, providing long-lasting, shared memories for everyone who took part. 

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the attendees: right from the smallest start-ups to the most prestigious powerhouses, many companies have already sung their praises. Check out some feedback below and, if you fancy laughing until you cry, book your day-out here, or find us on our Facebook page

'The BEST away day we've ever had - we laughed until we cried’ - Senior Manager Michael Page

'Everyone was really engaged and people had a lot of fun.’ – Adidas

A Date with VenueScanner

Recently we were interviewed by up and coming venue finding platform VenueScanner. They wanted to get our view on what makes a good venue, and some of our horror stories.

Now we all know how important the venue is for any event... Whether it’s down to it’s location or the atmosphere it provides, the choice of venue is key!

Check out the full interview here!

InStyle Magazine Scavenger Review

The Office Team Away Day That Won't Make You Cringe...
Click here to read more on the InStyle Website!

Looking for a fun team-building day to welcome those office newbies this September? We've found the best team activity day around...

Are you getting seriously bored of those annual office ‘fun’ days out? Those group activities and team building events that literally make you want to curl up and cringe. We've all been there, right? Well, we've got the solution... meet The Big Smoke Events.

These guys have changed group activities for the better with their epic scavenger hunts around London. In their own words: 'Our aim is to create a personalised experience that engages participants in an interactive and memorable way!'

Team InStyle took a day out the office to experience this brilliant scavenger hunt and it’s pretty safe to say it was anything but your average office activity day...

Why did you choose the Big Smoke scavenger hunt, was it for a special occasion?
Yes! It was to celebrate the closing of our awesome 15th anniversary birthday issue, we wanted to do something totally different with the whole team and mainly do something just a bit silly.

Which location did you choose to do the hunt?
We chose East London for our scavenger hunt. We based ourselves at a pub called The Water Poet, where we all gathered for the briefing and to receive our task clip boards (very professional!) from Francesca Hubbard, founder and CEO of The Big Smoke.

How did you kick off the event?
A few glasses of prosecco (a little bit of liquid courage for the team...) then we hit the streets to complete our 27 random challenge tasks in 2.5 hours. Don't panic 27 tasks is totally doable in the time limit, also it adds to the race aspect... aka running around centeral London like a total lunatic.

What was the best challenge in the scavenger hunt?
The earthquake video task. Each team had to record an earthquaske scene in a public area and everyone's video was so different which made the presentation at the end of the hunt so funny to watch. During the hunt we were all told to send Francesca our photos and videos over Whatsapp, which Francessca compiled into a presentation for a great awards ceremony and private screening to showcase what each team got up to.

What did you learn from the scavenger hunt?
You'll probably find that you don't mind going up to complete strangers and asking them for random things, like finding an accountant called Charles who would give you his business card (task number 10) or even doing a truly embarrassing dance routine in front of someone in the middle of Liverpool Station and asking them to rate you out of 10… totally no big deal!

Any tips for the hunt?
Try not to take it too personally when a colleague 'pep talks' you into being more enthusiastic, and try not to freak out when you're shouted to ‘get a move on!’ during a task… remember at the end of the day this is supposed to be a fun activity. Also break up the team to complete more tasks in the time limit and keep your phone on you to communicate frantically between your team members regarding where to meet and who's doing what exactly. 

Would you recommend it?
For sure, everyone on the team had a hilarious time. It kind of made us feel like we were on an episode of The Apprentice but way more fun. Also knowing that you have these ridiculous and hilarious photos and mini videos to keep forever for office embarrassment is totally brilliant! 


Challenge: Squeeze into the smallest space you can find...

Challenge: Squeeze into the smallest space you can find...

Presentation at the Water Poet Shorditch

Presentation at the Water Poet Shorditch

Challenge: Photo of all team members in a phone box

Challenge: Photo of all team members in a phone box

Challenge: Caption photo 'I can't believe we all fit in here'

Challenge: Caption photo 'I can't believe we all fit in here'

Challenge: Photo of all team members in the air - NO FEET ON THE GROUND PLEASE!

Challenge: Photo of all team members in the air - NO FEET ON THE GROUND PLEASE!